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Discrepancy between the declared container weight and the actual laden container weight poses great risk against transportation safety. Inaccurate container weight is one of the key causes of serious accidents occurring during maritime transport. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted taking this lapse into account, a new regulation from the Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Convention in July 2016. This regulation prescribed a mandate for shippers to declare the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a laden container to the container carrier and the terminal operator. Verified Gross Mass is the total weight of a packed container. VGM includes packing and securing materials such as pallets and wires and container tare weight.

Ease of VGM filing through Kale Logistics’ digital platform

Kale Logistics Solutions' digital system for electronic filing of VGM (e-VGM) enables shippers to submit their VGM information to ocean carriers and ports, flexibly and on time, in compliance with SOLAS requirements.

Key Features

Customs Brokers/Shippers/Freight Forwarders/agents are using Kale's feature rich e-VGM platform to ensure regulatory compliance

  • Works as a stand-alone SaaS based Web application with SOLAS compliance
  • e-VGM repository is accessible to carriers and third parties such as weighbridge providers and terminals
  • Allows CBs, shippers and Freight Forwarders to submit VGM details through EDI
  • Allows EDI inbound submission as VERMAS, or via shipping instructions (IFTMIN) EDI messages or XML equivalents
  • EDI messaging directly to subscribed Ocean Carriers
  • Support to multiple weighing scenarios and submission use cases, including third party authorization & submission
  • Integration with weighbridge software for fetching accurate container weight thus ensuring accuracy and eliminating data duplication
  • Integration for incorporating digital signature
  • Easy recharge e-VGM accounts through online payment gateway using debit/credit card, net banking, UPI or wallets

Business Benefits

Online payments & pre-deposit accounts

Clear visibility through dashboard and alerts

Reduced cost of compliance

Data Integrity

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Case Study


CODEX offers a digital platform, enabling the ocean trade stakeholders a clear visibility on the movement of containers. Through the application, container movement is tracked and authenticated at various milestones (checkpoints)

Press Note


CODEX goes Mobile: Kale launches an integrated Mobile App for Accelerating Container Throughput



“This is a pioneering initiative in enabling ease of business, and following the honorable Prime Minister's initiative of "Digital India”[...]

Mr. S. Anantha Chandra Bose - Chairman
V.O. Chidamabaranar (Tuticorin) Port Trust