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The Air Cargo industry is experiencing an escalation owing to the recent e-commerce revolution. Air Cargo has become a preferred mode of Cargo movement for many Logistics Service Providers(LSPs) due to the time efficiency it offers. Owing to the increasing demand, airports are facing huge challenges in dealing with increased cargo volumes, managing congestion at ground facility, dealing with escalating operational costs and space utilization problems. Added to this are the increasing pressures in the ground handling arena that have arisen due to liberalization, heightened customers' expectations, perennial security threats, stringent environmental demands and more.

At Kale, we understand these issues well and constantly strive to provide solutions that can address these problems, promising improvement and efficiency of the operations and increasing the bottom line results. Kale Logistics Solutions' suite of Air Cargo applications to address the colloquial challenges of Air Cargo stakeholders have stemmed from working alongside leading airports around the world and gaining expert understanding of the challenges and opportunities that define the Air Cargo domain. Kale's solutions provide state-of-the-art technology for modernization and streamlining of Air Cargo operations, that could be an answer to the many woes faced by the airports.

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