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Kale introduces the latest version of CANOPUS - Customs Clearance Management Software with in built Analytics & Full Function Mobile App

Mumbai, March 15, 2017

Kale Logistics Solutions - a leading global IT provider focused on providing cutting edge technology solutions to the logistics industry announced new version CANOPUS 2.0. - Customs Clearance Management (CCM) Software incorporating several innovative features like Business Analytics, full feature Mobile App and connectivity to multiple stakeholders and Kale’s Community Platforms.

The role of Customs Brokers (CBs) has evolved in the past decade from customs document filing to connecting with multiple trade partners like airline, shipping line, airports, container depots, government authorities and transporters amongst others. The current technology available poses multiple challenges to the CBs like standalone applications, complex documentation, extensive manual intervention and changing compliances amongst others.

CANOPUS 2.0 is a comprehensive software which has continuously been enhanced to meet the requirements of the changing market. The new version is accessible anywhere-anytime with its mobile and web enabled feature and has a built-in Business Analytics module which presents management dashboard for informed decision-making. Kale has built a robust support system with dedicated helpline, customer training, advisory services and neighborhood training programs

Speaking on the subject, Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions, said, “We are happy to release this new version which is the need of the industry at this hour. Built with continuous inputs of over 2 years from all stakeholders, CANOPUS is truly the next generation custom clearance management system. Our attempt is to give users a tool to prevent service failures rather than just report service failures at the end of the month which many other systems do.”

“In order to make the new generation technology easily accessible to all segments of market including small and medium CBs, we have priced the new CANOPUS 2.0 at a rate which anyone can afford without blinking of an eye. And also be part of a larger Cargo Community Platform which empowers them do business with each other digitally. Additionally, based on the feedback from the CB community, we have built a special mechanism of training and support so as to ensure continuous and trouble free usage of the software”